Joint Venture

Joint Venture

No matter where you are, you must have realized that in today’s world real estate has become an integral part of one’s lifestyle. With the market booming and innumerable property options fluttering for settlers, real estate sector is witnessing/undergoing a tremendous change. Government new FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Policy which allows NRI’s and PIO’s to invest in Indian real estate sector has also contributed to the change. The factors contributing to the rise in demand includes,

Estate Science can assist you in setting up a Joint-Venture as a part of your international growth strategy. We cover, in a global consistent and integrated way, your efforts to plan and execute seamlessly all or part of the following work steps In all these areas of work, we work with you to ensure that the JV can operate from Day1 with the assets contributed and transitional services provided from the founding parents. We focus on using and focusing the internal staff to achieve actual and sustainable results, not on reports. We set-up and monitor with you the relevant task forces, with the involvement of the required expertise you may require

Entering the target market in double quick time as the geographical area would remain beyond reach without local partners.

• Local business partners could provide vertical and horizontal market penetration.
• Availability of human resources in marketing / R&D/ Production and Operations.
• Availability of legal resources with the local partner to structure the joint venture and ensure all compliances.
• Accessibility of distribution channel.
• Reduction in overall costs / economies of scale.
• Spreading of risks mainly on large scale investments.

Joint ventures consultancy services help our clients to achieve all these objectives. Joint venture consultant in India provides complete solutions taking care of the following aspects:

Conduct a thorough partner search evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.
Understand and establish synergy between the partners.
Walking through negotiations
Conducting the valuation of the company
Structure the proposed entity through all statutory and legal compliances.
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