Tata Shubh Griha

Project Status : Ready to move     |     Possession: 0 -1 year      |     City : Mumbai

Shubh Griha is a comprehensively planned development that offers a variety of residential formats and associated facilities. Sited on a 51.57 acre property, approximately 80 km from Mumbai, this township development embodies density, open space and affordability while employing innovative construction technologies - primarily precast concrete - to create relatively low rise clusters of differing typologies. Key attributes of Shubh Griha (density, reduced parking, walkable neighborhoods and communities, containment of urban sprawl, low rise and sustainability) are incorporated into the overall planning philosophy and design. Hilly parts of the existing terrain are incorporated into the overall network of roads and the township infusing a Mediterranean ambiance. Each unit is efficiently planned and based on a modular dimension. Other attributes of sustainable developments integrated into the design range from rain water harvesting, sun shades and restrictive parking ratios to integrated retail and recreational amenities as well as connections to commuter transit. A school is also located within this area, and is connected to the retail area by a playing field, a large tract of open space. A health care facility and community center are the other components of the township. Shubh Griha will contain appropriate landscaping, using native tropical species of trees and plants, infusing the development and its hilly environs with a blanket of green. The Township at Vasind defines an innovative example of affordable, high density residential communities made delightful by the introduction of sustainable strategies, efficient construction technologies and proximity to mass transit.

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1 BHK Flat
  360 Sq.Ft
1 BHK Flat
 589 Sq.Ft

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