Research Services

Our forward-looking research services can provide:

We believe research services must offer more than data and historical perspective. That’s like looking in a rear-view mirror to see what’s next on the road ahead. Instead, we use research to help our clients understand emerging trends and take advantage of the cyclical—and therefore, somewhat predictable—nature of real estate. 

We help you harness this insight to make long-term decisions that affect your financial portfolio. That means connecting the dots between new construction starts, absorption and overall economic growth in a region.

Our forward-looking research services can provide: 
• An estimate of your building’s projected lease rates and assessment of current vacancies 
• Understanding how subleasing activity and shadow space can affect your direct vacancy rates and time on market 
• An opinion of value based on past comparable sales and projected capitalization rate trends 
• Definition of a “competitive set” of buildings most like yours to improve reporting and spur marketing differentiation
• Analysis of market activity and growth (gross absorption and net absorption) and the impact of new construction or infrastructure development
• Mapping services to understand economic drivers, population shifts and virtually any data with corresponding location information  

Estate Science